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What is your THERAPY?

It has been one year since I wrote a blog here on my site, which is crazy how time flies by. We are now in a new year and figured no other time than a new year to start a new blog.

2023 was a rollercoaster of a year, the beginning of the year wasn't great, but the last 8 months of it was everything I could ever want and dream of. Recently I wrote a book about my life over the last 14 years. The book is about me moving to New York City and the struggles I went through during those years. If you don’t know about my book, I will post the link at the bottom of the page! As I look back on the years past and writing my book, I thought to myself “how the hell did I survive? “I always was a person that never asked for help, never stopped and obsessed about what was happening to me, I would constantly keep going. To which now at the age of 40 I know is not a good way of surviving life. As we start 2024, I want to write about the word THERAPY. What is it? What is the best way? Do you need it? We live in a crazy world now a days and times are hard, and life is hard, so I truly believe that each person needs THERAPY. Now, when I say that I don’t mean you have to go to a doctor and sit on their couch and tell them your life story. I mean find your THERAPY find what works for you. A few years back I was in a terrible space, mainly because of a relationship I was in. It beat me down emotionally and mentally to where I got depressed. Which was a very unsettling feeling for me because as I mentioned before I would always just let it slide off my back and move forward, but I couldn’t with this. I became numb to everything. My friends and family told me that I needed to go to THERAPY, but stubborn Amanda was like “no I’m fine.” I continued miserable for months and then finally realized maybe I should try it. So, I signed up! It was during the tail end of COVID so it was on zoom. I had a few sessions with this woman and the whole time she kept telling me, “Amanda, you know what to do to get better you have the tools, this isn’t going to be helpful.” Did a therapist just tell me this wasn’t going to work for me?? I said OK, and just moved on. A few months later, I ordered a journal. A 90-day manifesting journal to write in and maintain a healthy journey. I removed myself from the toxic relationship I was in and started writing. Now mind you, I am no “writer” as you can tell in this blog and many of my other blogs everything is grammatically incorrect and most likely just one run on sentence. I found myself writing in that journal every day, the good the bad and the ugly. Over and over I just kept writing. I stayed away from my phone, focused on myself and just kept writing. I loved it, I enjoyed getting everything out by putting the pen to the paper. I promised myself better and my goal was to read this whole journal back to myself after 90 days.

The 90 days came and I read the journal. Not only was I horrified by the way I let people treat me but was horrified I put up with it for so long. I knew right then the game is changing, and I would never look back. I knew right then that writing was my THERAPY! To which brought me to write a book. Never did I think I would do something like that and here I was writing my own book! The experience was extremely hard and very cathartic to which was also my THERAPY. I went so many years of my life without an outlet, I would hold everything in and just think to myself it will just go away. I think as humans we hope that is the outcome when something bad happens or we need to deal with something difficult. I am writing this so you can ask yourself, what is your THERAPY? What makes you feel better when you are going through something stressful? What makes you say to yourself I need to do this better or remove negativity from your life? I was shocked that writing turned my life in such a positive direction. I say that because I never thought writing would help me. When it comes to THERAPY, I know a lot of people say “oh, I don’t need it, I’m fine.” I said the same thing! I believe you must give everything a chance and then you can decide what is best for you. Writing gave me a different outlook on my life, I had a different light about me, I was happy with all aspects of my life. Once I felt that way the universe sure did pat me on the back for all the hard inner work I did. I ended up getting an amazing position at new firm to create success in the future and met the man of my dreams! I truly believe we must work on our inner selves and our mental health for the universe then to be able to give us what we are asking for. It’s ok to ask for what you want in life, the universe will give it to you, but you must do the work. You must be grateful for all you have, and most importantly you must be patient. I was never a patient person especially living in New York City where you are always on the go. I noticed as soon as I slowed down and started writing and making note of how I wanted my future to look it happened. Again, THERAPY doesn’t have to be writing, maybe you like to go to a doctor and sit on their couch, maybe it is going to the gym, maybe (also one of my favorite things) it’s yoga, or walking, or whatever makes you smile on the inside. We as humans need this, we need to smile on the inside. We need to be aware that life is hard and know we can have an outlet to let go a bit! I hope you all can take some time to reflect on this post. Let me know what your THERAPY is and don't say you don't need it. ;)





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