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We often hear so many times from others, “you only get one life.”

The statement I just wrote is so very true, but do we really take it to heart every day? Do we really wake up saying this and conquering it with each day we are alive? I have a feeling a lot of you will say no to both of those questions. I know I do. We absolutely only get one life and we need to realize that and carry that with us every day. If you sit down right now and stop... think to yourself how blessed you are in the present moment, not what happened yesterday or what you think will happen tomorrow, really think about right now and where you are. It is very hard for all of us to do that on a daily basis as we are only human and there are so many ‘things” going through our head. We stress about everything especially now with the pandemic and we rarely stop and think about our lives. Our brains unfortunately are programmed to accept negativity over positivity. Most people will hold onto something negative that did or is happening to them for days, months, years. They will not hold onto a positive action for that long, they will be like ok cool that was something good that happened, but remember the bad thing the other day or a bad current situation. What we need to start understanding is that we are put in these situations because they are meant for us. I promise you everything happens for a reason, you aren’t put in a shit situation for no reason. It is life teaching you a lesson as it wants you to understand that “you only get one life” it is pretty much slapping you in the face and saying shut up and keep going. Nothing bad last forever. As most of you have read in my last few blogs my situation wasn’t always the best, I cried a lot, I focused on all the bad, I was depressed and I would constantly ask myself why? I felt I was a good person so I didn’t understand why I was in such a shit situation... then I found yoga. It made me realize what I just wrote. We are put there for a reason. I can honestly say those bad times were the best thing to ever happen to me as it made me into the person I am today, and it made me acknowledge this is all we get, one ride on the rollercoaster. Let's keep reading...

In current times, I know and feel that it is hard to be able to have a positive attitude. We all never thought we would be in this almost a year later, and it is hard to live in this environment and to watch people suffer is truly heart-breaking. During this we have to acknowledge positive thoughts as that is what will get us all through this. Positivity will always over power negativity even when our brains are programmed to think differently. When you wake up tomorrow morning, just think to yourself something that you are happy about in your life. Maybe it is the coffee maker, or your favorite sweatshirt, or your dog, family member, BF/GF whatever it is think about it acknowledge it or them. Start your day (life) with a positive thought or thank you (more about thanks in my last blog). Try every day to have these thoughts and take it with you throughout your day. Maybe you walk down the street and you say hi to a stranger, who knows they could be having the worst day and you just made it slightly better. Pay it forward, be kind, be mindful and the “one life you get” will be so wonderful. Life isn’t about your career, net worth, car you drive etc… it is about YOU it is about how you cherish every day and how you can appreciate what has been given to you and share that with others. The “you only get one life” is often said when people are looking to do something adventurous as well. Jump out of the plane YOLO!! I do agree that people should be adventurous and do things they never thought they would, be creative when you aren’t, be silent when you talk too much, try something so different that you actually find similarities. Feed your mind with so many different aspects of what is around you. By doing this you will see that you won’t be so inclined to think of the “negative” things in your life. You mind needs to flourish, it wants new things, and it wants to be challenged. Free your MIND. Rant continues... :)

As I mentioned before, times are very hard right now. We are all in this together and I know there are a lot of rules and we can’t live our normal lives like we used to, but what we can do is live our “one life” to the best of its ability given the environment we are in. I know for me, I opened up my creative side more. I was never one to write, video, color anything and here I am a year later with my own website and all you lovely supporters of my rants! If you don’t want to do anything I say, just try to do me one favor and just wake up and think of something that makes you happy and then start your day (easy and productive). I know everything will go back to normal at some point, but until then let’s keep the positive vibes, let’s acknowledge our present situations (good or bad) know it’s like this for a reason and I promise you it will not last forever, could be days, months, or years…. but not forever.

It’s not about the cards you have been dealt, it’s how you play your hand!



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