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Do you ever ask yourself if your mental health is ok? How can we understand good mental health?

Mental health influences how you think, feel, and behave in your daily life. It also affects your ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges, build relationships, and recover from life’s hardships. Being mentally healthy is something I am working on. This past year has been tough for everyone and a lot of our daily routines were taken from us which can set us back. I am very type A so I like to have a schedule and a routine, once I am thrown off that routine my mental health goes to shit! The worst part I don’t notice it, I let my mind get clogged and let my ego take over and just think this is how life is and how I go about my day. Yoga was always my way to cope and to keep my mental health strong. It opened up so many paths in my mind so I could freely go about my day. I handled stress better and my behavior was so very light-hearted. The past few months I haven’t been doing my yoga routine as studios were closed. I tried doing it at home and it just wants the same, I was physically getting the effects, but not mentally. Not having my practice sent me in a downward spiral and I felt I couldn’t or can’t get out of it. My ego took over and it was running wild with negative thoughts and making up scenarios in my head that didn’t even exist. I kept seeing a pattern of my behavior and finally I didn’t like what I saw. What I saw wasn’t me, it was someone else and I wanted out! This is where you start over. You hit the reset button, you say to yourself ok… I fell down and now it is time to get back up and keep walking through the beautiful journey we call life. I know it will not be easy, but I am a fighter and I know it has to be done for my mental health. I want to be mentally healthy, a zest for life, a sense of contentment, balance between work, rest, and activity. Having a solid mental health doesn’t mean that you will never go through bad experiences in life, it will just show you how to cope with those issues better. There is nothing wrong with the path you choose, whatever your issues, there are steps to improve the way you feel and you can start today! Let's keep reading...

For me and my mental health journey it starts with Yoga! I have now found a studio that practices hot vinyasa so I can restart my routine(Thank you, New York Yoga). Staying active is very important for your mind, it decreases stress levels, release endorphins, and provides powerful chemicals to lift your mood and provide added energy. I no joke leave yoga class and feel like I am aware with the fairies, like nothing in this world can stop me. I also think being active in the community is a great way to stay mindful, help someone in need... be a joiner! Would you ever think that what you eat is harming your mental health? Well it does. Caffeine, Alcohol, Sugar, fried food can all affect your mental health and your behavior. See if you can start with some of these foods and maybe you will notice a difference. Nuts, Omega3, Leafy greens, and fresh fruits. I am excited to restart my new journey with some of these options. Writing you all helps me as well and I hope it helps you too. We need to keep mentally healthy it is a very serious issue. I am to help, I am here to say I have issues as well. None of us are perfect and if I can help someone feel a little better about their life, well, you are helping me as well. This is a team effort, I am not some Guru that is going to automatically make you feel 100%. I will tell you it is a practice, you will slip up, you will fall down and that is ok. Like I mentioned before get back up, acknowledge your slip up and keep going. I am always here to help!!



P.S. below are some great books to read for mental health (my opinion)

The Power of Now

The Untethered Soul

New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose


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