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Every year around thanksgiving a write a blog about being thankful. This year has been an absolute whirlwind for me. It had many ups and many downs and I am thankful for each one. Many of the times, we get caught up in life and we do not stop and appreciate what we have right in front of us. Everyone is always looking for the next best thing, the better job, more money, another partner, nicer car, bigger house etc. I find that I see many people live this way and they forget to see what they do have in front of them. Having nice “things” is nice to have believe me I understand that. Making goals for the better job is a great as well, but do not lose sight of what you have in the present day. I had many ups this year, I was blessed with many vacations, a relationship that I adored and beautiful apartment. I was truly happy and very content with my life. That all did end a few months ago and I felt like my world was crumbling around me. I lost my relationship, my apartment and had to start all over. During that time I felt so alone, I felt that I had nothing. The struggle of starting over was really daunting and frustrating. I cried most every day and constantly asked myself why. I bring this situation up because I got lost in my emotions; I lost sight of what I had in the present day and what I should be thankful for. This is where I think many people lose sight of being thankful, something bad happens and they think why do I deserve this? You do not deserve it, but maybe stop and take a look around at all the beautiful things you have in your life outside of the sadness. Last week I went to yoga as I needed to get my head clear. The end of class is my time to be thankful for everything and everyone in my life. That class made me realize I had to stop letting my ego run my life with the feeling of sadness and frustration. I finally snapped out of it and moved on. I found a great apartment and am very appreciative of the struggle I did go through at that time. I know that for myself I can let my ego run wild with emotions. The ego is a very dangerous player in our lives and thrives on negative emotions. Please be aware of that when you do feel like you are in a bad space, because most of the time I will tell you there is something in your life that you are blessed with and it is beautiful so focus on that.

Let's continue...

I could be here for the next five hours writing what and whom I am thankful for. There are people in my life that have brought me joy and there have been people that came into my life and brought me pain. That is something I want to recognize as well. Yes, being thankful for the joys in life is something you should most definitely do! I will say I am also thankful for the pain I have experienced in my life as it taught me a lesson on what I deserve. It will never be rainbows and sunshine’s everyday all day. We have to be thankful for ALL experiences in our journey because they are meant for us and make us who we are as people. Being thankful is such an easy task, say it to yourself, say it to a stranger that held the door open; say it to the pretty flowers on the corner. I believe by putting this type of energy into the universe it will make for a better place and for happier people. Do not be shy say it all the time! Most importantly give thanks to yourself. It is a hard world out here and we all get hit left and right with A LOT of situations. Take a moment and thank yourself for doing the best you can and thank yourself for being you. Saying thanks to yourself is not selfish; it is a way to thrive. BE your best and share that with others. I wish everyone a beautiful thanksgiving.

THANK YOU to everyone that loves and supports me. YOU ALL mean the world to me.




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