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Are you OK?


Are you OK? These are three words we say too often, but not enough. Last night I was finishing the Harry & Meghan documentary and there was a part where she wrote an article in the times about what was happening in her life. The subtitle was “Are you OK?” Which I was intrigued about. I was then doing my nightly stroll on Instagram, and I saw a few posts about a family who just lost their husband/dad. I followed him and his wife as they were dancers and made the cutest videos with their family and the smiles across all their faces were radiant. He was on a few talk shows and such a great personality. You would watch their videos and say to yourself, I want that, I want what they have. They look so happy. As I scrolled through theposts, I then came to see that he passed away due to mental health issues. Now I don’t know these people at all, but I was shook. How could that even happen I thought to myself, they looked so happy. In all the posts the phrase once again came up… “Are you OK”? Which that phrase came up twice in one night for me,which made me want to write this.



It is such a simple phrase when you think about it. It takes maybe a minute to text it to someone or call and say, “Are you OK”? I think we all say to each other, but do we really mean it? Not in a bad way, just maybe we say and just move on with our day to day and really don’t dive deeper in. I also think a lot of people answer it with a yes regardless of what they are going through. We always see the good especially on social media. We post the smiles, the happy times, the vacations, the nice dinners. We never post the bad times or if we feel sad. I know for me I felt that way many of times. A lot of people look at my Instagram and say, oh she is pretty, gets whatever she wants, lives a dream life, but what most don’t understand is I have hit that dark place many of times. We as humans have a hard time expressing our feelings. We don’t want to burden anyone. We just say “I’m fine” when someone asks if you are ok because it is just easier. With that said I am sure there are instances that are different. I was that person; I would post my “happy life” then be at home in tears on my bed asking God why these terrible things are happening to me. I never showed my pain, I sat with it daily and just dealt with it. I was judged a lot in my life, I went through multiple deaths, and have very bad break-ups so when I would endure these situations the pain for me was just awful. I couldn’t handle it, there were times I thought if I stop breathing it will all go away. I never got to that point, but this is how people feel. I was able to see the light in front of me and yoga was a big help for me. But for alot of people that find themselves in dark situations can't find the light. They are in pain, and they can’t deal with it, and no one has any idea that they are suffering deep down. MY heart broke for that family last night and my heart broke for Meghan on that documentary. Obviously, her situation is very different, she was in pain and very few cared. People just made their judgement of her, and she had to accept that regardless of what the truth was. This is where we need to come in and start really checking in on each other. Really asking questions especially if you see someone depressed or sad. We are all very busy and have our own issues and problems, listen I get it. But we need to move forward in this and really make sure the people you love and care about are OK! When I was in a dark place, I of course had family and friends to talk to, but I say only what I need to as I was embarrassed. We need to really make sure those three words get to the person deep down feelings. This is the time to cherish each other. Cherish what you have in the present day. Make and do better to live your best life and for your loved ones as well. And stop and take a few minutes and check in on yourself and ask yourself those three words. “Are you OK?” As much as we need to check on our loved ones,we need to check in on ourselves and makes sure we are OK. If you or anyone you know are not OK, please reach out. I know I am not a miracle worker nor a therapist, but maybe just having a chat would help. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and much growth, peace, happiness and success in 2023!


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