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We all have chapters in our lives, some good, some bad. Each chapter teaches us something, each chapter allows for us to grow into a better version of ourselves. We all have our own journey and it is very beneficial to make sure you pay attention to the lessons you are taught during this journey as that is what will make you stronger in the end. Last week I saw a double rainbow which is considered a symbol of transformation and new beginnings. So I decided to write a new chapter. Something so new, and untouched by the chapters before. I deserve new. I deserve surprises. I have outgrown my storyline of old. And so let life be fresh, because I am ready for a new adventure.

Struggle is one of my many chapters in life (talked about in my previous blog), she has repeated herself a couple times in my journey and that is ok, because it made me into the woman I am today. Pain is one of my many chapters and just like struggle it is ok, because it made me stronger. We all need to acknowledge our chapters and ask ourselves what we can learn from them (good or bad). What can you learn from your chapters? We need to have different chapters in life as that is what makes us who we are. There are times we need a new beginning a fresh start to keep ourselves happy. We all go through tough times and it isn’t easy at that moment, but we have to take that XPERIENCE and acknowledge it in a good way. Tell yourself this too shall pass, and when it does let it. Let it pass by, but acknowledge what happened and how you will like you new chapter to be, its totally up to you. You can write whatever chapter you want you can even take beautiful XPERIENCE’s from other chapters and make them into new ones. Maybe you need to be more adventurous or more compassionate, maybe start a new hobby, get a tattoo, dye your hair purple. Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it. How refreshing does that sound? The chapters in my life that didn’t serve me or my future are in the past for sure. I will however take the good things that happened into my new chapter. This chapter is focused on me, yes me, yes that is me being a bit selfish. I have always been that girl that gives everything to everyone, makes everyone else feel better before myself. I am the girl that walks around with a broken heart, but will be smiling at that the same time, the girl that cries at night but you would never know. I have always put others 1st which I will not change that about my character, just need to add in a little Amanda time. It is time for me to focus on my self worth and love. By doing this my kind heart will grow even bigger for others and me. I am really looking forward to starting this new journey. We all have to sometimes be a little selfish, it doesn’t mean that you are bad, it means that you just need to take time for yourself. Check-in with your mind, body, and soul. Understand your feelings and acknowledge what is going on in your life. Open up the path to your brighter future, the path you are supposed to be on.

A lot of times we forget to worry about ourselves as there is so much going on in life. Work, family, relationships etc. We are always stressing over other “things” in our lives and we all really need to take the time to focus on ourselves for once. Like I said earlier when you focus on yourself it will make your future bright and everything you want will come to you and the people around you will feel that vibe as well. Walk around with a light that shines so damn bright no one can or will ever take that from you. Whatever was in your past chapters if it didn’t serve you and doesn’t serve your present remove it. If you have XPERIENCE’s that did serve you, but maybe wasn’t the right timing include it into your new chapter. You will know where it goes and how it will affect your future. Life is a journey we are going to screw up, make mistakes and have amazing moments as well, its all how we acknowledge those XPERIENCE’s and what we do for our future.



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