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The art of not giving a F**K!

I recently posted on my Instagram page a photo with the caption “the art of not giving a fuck".

I want to dive a little deeper into that caption. I recently read the book The subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson (big shout out to him). It was a real eye opener for me about what and who to give a fuck about in life. I know for me I care a lot about others to a fault, I put everyone before myself and their problems as well. I sometimes think I am a super hero put on this earth to give a fuck about everyone and everything. By doing that though I was losing myself, I lost Amanda. I was overwhelmed with everyone else’s issues that I completely forgot about my well-being. I have mentioned this before and in previous posts I babble on about being kind to yourself, giving thanks to yourself. Which I believe. But now after reading Mark’s book I have realized I need to not give a fuck. That isn’t me being like I am not going to give a fuck about anyone or anything ever again, it is me saying I am now choosing what I should give a fuck about. When we take on other people’s problems we then create that as our problem and we need to fix it. If you read that it makes no sense. Why would you take on someone’s problem when it is not your fault to begin with? We need to learn how to take responsibility for our actions to the problem. For example, say your good friend breaks up with her boyfriend. You can’t take that problem on for her because it is not your fault. You can however take responsibility for how you act toward the problem properly with words of encouragement or a drunk night out. We often times find ourselves deep into other people’s issues to where we lose ourselves and then we get mad at ourselves for doing that and then mad at that person and the stupid problem they had! Like that just sounds like absolute madness to me! So don't give a fuck :) I find a lot of people give a fuck about “status” as well. Society shoves down our throats everyday how we have to be rich, pretty, skinny, smart, funny etc. So we are out here striving for the best job, the most money, the fancy car, the biggest house on the block. But why do these people care so much about these things? Why can’t they just not give a fuck? I am sure there are so many reasons behind it all, but what I am getting at is who gives a fuck! Obviously, we all want nice things which I appreciate as well, but we have to stop being greedy. We need to create happiness for ourselves in this crazy world, we don’t need the fancy of the fancy we need more actions then things. Send more love, appreciate people more, and create a space for yourself that you enjoy so you can spread that light to others. Not giving a fuck it very liberating, it can take a lot of weight off your shoulders and you then as a person can feel better!

let's continue...

We will always have people we love and care about, but sometimes we need to let go a bit and take care of ourselves. Once we feel lighter we are able to help that person with their problem. I am sure there might be a lot of you already don't give a fuck and kudos to you, and keep up the good work. It is a practice though. You don’t just wake up one day and be like ok I am not giving a fuck today! You have to make it apart of your practice daily whether you write it down or sit with for a few minutes. Make it apart of your journey, the one you created for yourself. There will be times where you fail at this, believe me I have! I could write a lot of blogs about how many times I have failed. Which is ok, because failure is a good thing. It can teach you that you are human and you are going to make mistakes to which you will learn from. Let's help each other by helping our selves by not giving a fuck ;)



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