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Have you ever wanted to do something or go somewhere and you find yourself making 100 excuses not to?

A year ago, I was invited to one of my very dear friend wedding in Costa Rica. I was so happy for them, and wow Costa Rica! I immediately said, yes!

I booked all my travel and was so excited, and then my OCD kicked in. I was like OMG Costa Rica; I am going need to bug spray, shots, and a hazmat suit! My partner at the time was like, "Amanda calm down just get bug spray and we will be fine." I found myself on google searching for every possible bug bite I could get! I did this for weeks and by the end of my search I had every type of bug spray, mosquito bracelet, jackets, and like a years’ worth of lavender (google said bugs hate lavender) and every shot I could get from the doctor. It was the day for me to travel as I was to meet my partner in Costa Rica. I was traveling by myself, which always can be a bit unnerving when you are going to another country, but I was just so excited to experience Costa Rica and be a part of my friend’s wedding. We have known each other now for 10 years; he was one of the 1st people I meet in New York and the one thing about New York when you are on your own your friends become your family.

I had a connecting flight which was fine, I found the bar (hell I’m on vacation)! I finally made it to Cost Rica. At this point, I am due to me my partner his flight was coming in about an hour after mine. So I figured I would get through customs and wait for him at the bar outside of the airport. Sounds good, right? So here I am alone in the Costa Rica airport, I get to the customs window, put my phone down and show the agent all my documents and keep going, got my bag and left the airport and got to the outside bar and ordered a drink. The weather was so warm and lovely. There I was on my own and just really enjoying it! I go in my purse to text my partner, that’s when it happened. MY PHONE WAS GONE!

At this point, I tried not to panic and looked everywhere. I stayed calm (thank you yoga) and realized I left it at the customs window when I was showing the agent my papers. I walked back to where I exited and all the police were yelling at me in Spanish telling me I cannot renter the airport. Like I get it buddy, but I need my phone. At this point I started to panic a bit, like what am I supposed to do I am alone, I can’t get a hold of my partner, all the hotel info is on my phone (which was a 2 hour ride from airport). I was pacing up and down the outside bar; a cabby came over to me and was like what is wrong? I told him what happened, and he was like I will help you. He contacted his airport police friends and turns out they turned it in and it was at the station, he took me there and I got my phone back. To this day I will never forget that man! (prayer hands emoji, Jose)

Back on track, got the phone and found my partner! We arrived at the hotel or I should say “heaven.” It was an Eco-lodge located in the rain forest! The most beautiful thing I have ever seen, the trees, the flowers, the wildlife… I was in awe! (spraying lavender everywhere- me being dramatic). It was so weird, I felt so comfortable, I felt so free, like life is pure joy. We woke up the next morning, and decided to go to the pool before activities with everyone. The only people I knew were my partner, my friend Manny and his beautiful wife Erika. We were due to go to another resort for the day, so we packed up and met everyone on the shuttle bus; we met about 15 people in about 10 minutes. (sprayed everyone with lavender ) The day at the resort was an experience like no other, I found myself with 15 complete strangers in a hot spring in the middle of the rain forest having the most amazing time. It was like I knew all of them for years. It was a state of euphoria! I felt so free and so happy. The wedding was the next night and can I tell you, I cried like a 2 year old watching my best friend marry his best friend. The reception was outside in the middle of the rain forest in the restaurant and was just stunning! We danced all night, we hugged, we laughed, and we danced more! It was just pure happiness! I will never forget the way I felt those few days and I am so thankful to my friend and the people I met.

I am sharing this with you because I want you to take an adventure. Have you ever wanted to do something or go somewhere and you find yourself making 100 excuses not to? I thought I was going to get eaten alive by mosquitos and end up in some weird Costa Rican town with no phone. This post is about taking chances; because you never know what will come from it. I came out this with so many new friends that live all over the world, and to this day we all keep in contact. They are very special people and I am so grateful. In this downtime we are currently in, plan an adventure for the future! It doesn’t have to be a trip to Costa Rica, maybe you want to try skiing next year, maybe you wanted to go for a hike, or hell maybe you just wanted to try a new coffee shop! Make adventures in your everyday life.

Pura Vida: "Simple Life"



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