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Change is GOOD! (Short & Sweet)

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Change is something that we all have an issue with good or bad.

Most people when they hear the word change become anxious or scared. I am here to tell you that change is a good thing, regardless of the outcome. We are put on our journey and it is up to us to make sure we are doing what is right for us. There are times that change can seem absolutely awful, but it is paving the way for something good to happen to you. I arrived in NYC ten years ago from Pittsburgh, I needed a change and I was excited for it! I was lucky enough to secure a job before I left. I couldn’t wait to get to New York and start my job in the big city. Little did I know my whole life was about to change. I started my job and really enjoyed it and after two weeks the firm had to lay me off do to cutbacks. There I was with no job and no money in New York City. What was I going to do? This is what I mean how change can go good to bad or vice versa quickly. I was so happy about the change when I got to New York and then within two weeks my whole life changed for the worse (how I felt in that moment). As I look back at that situation I am so very happy that it all happened as it cleared the good path for me on my journey. The people that I met (to this day are my dearest friends) the things I did, the trips I went on... if I was never laid off that day my life would be completely different. Most say that people don’t change especially when they are older. Like that is it, however you are that is what you have to deal with. I do think people can change, regardless of their age. We all have an opportunity to make changes we just have to be willing to actually do it. As I wrote in my last blog, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but we can make an effort to make changes to areas in our lives that may need some tweaks. OR maybe you need to be more adventurous, do more things that you never thought you would do. Step out of the box. This I think is where people go a bit sideways as the thought of making a change or doing something different really can scare some terribly. I’m sure it can be, but what we have to understand change makes our journey worth living, it puts us in the right direction. We need to make life fulfilling, take every opportunity that is put infront of us and use it to the fullest. You will see if you take these opportunities and be open to change your life will become something you haven’t experienced before and we can slowly make the world a better place as we as individuals will be at our best!

We are only human and just getting that right is a tough job. Change is and always be our friend, it is here to help us, just be patient and understand what it is doing. Don’t let your mind overcome it, let it happen. Acknowledge it, accept it and you will see it is a benefit to you. Then you will be like BRING ON THE CHANGE!! One door closed, opens up so many more. Just think you could have anything you want on your journey just stay open and accept change, it is helping you get to the place you subconsciously want to be. I never thought in my life I would be living in New York City, but I always knew I wanted something different and bigger for myself. Subconsciously that is what I would tell myself and accepting the changes that happened bad and good put me where I wanted to be. If we block these things from happening we will head down the wrong path and will not be able to achieve what we actually want. So stay open minded, let the change come, be patient and enjoy the ride!



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