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Yoga Day ONE!

We exist only where we place our minds.

It has only been a couple months now that I have been sharing my journey with you all. When I started this site, I obviously wanted to write about yoga, but I have really enjoyed writing about other topics as well. I have received many messages asking what the best way to start a yoga practice is. Starting a yoga practice begins with finding yourself and what you need.

I have been practicing yoga now for ten years. Yoga is a practice; it is not about the end game it is about your journey. The first thing I want you to ask yourself is, why do I want to practice yoga? If you find yourself saying, to lose weight it probably isn’t the right practice for you. You can lose weight and tone really nicely in yoga, but those shouldn’t be the only reasons to practice. I practice because of what it does for my body, mind, and soul. If you are interested in practicing yoga, first sit in a quiet place and write down some characteristics of yourself. Is there anything you would like to change for the better? Be honest with yourself. Also, write down how you feel physically. If you have any sort of health issues please make sure you focus on those. Yoga has so many benefits not only for your mind, but for your body as well. Yoga is not a one size fits all type of practice. You will need to recognize your mind and body before you know what yoga would be good for you. On occasion you will find that you are not always as regular, consistent and diligent as you would like to be. There are and will be times that you get discouraged, lazy, and make excuses. Discipline is something you will need; it means that you recognize that what you are doing is important enough to be committed to; once you recognize that, you choose your level of commitment, as in any relationship. The more you enjoy what you choose to practice, the more likely you actually are to do it. Even if it is challenging or difficult to do at times, it should bring you joy and fulfillment or a feeling of satisfaction that you have attended to your body and mind, but also to that invisible part of yourself that is the essence of who you are. **

Quick Tips:

1. Decide how often you want to practice.

2. Choose the days you will practice.

3. Try to practice the same time each day.

4. Thank yourself after every class

5. If you find yourself getting obsessive, slow down.

6. Make sure you are creating energy, not depleting yourself.

Practice makes perfect, they say. I say who wants to be perfect, not me! I do believe that you need to consistently practice what makes you happy. I promise if you dedicate yourself to a consistent yoga practice, you will see a change. I am not preaching that you need to change, but I think sometimes certain behaviors need to change for the better so we can be the best version of ourselves and share that with others. Please reach out to me with your questions on yoga, and I would be happy to help you figure out what would be the best practice for you.


** Eddie Stern: One Simple Thing


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