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What do you MISS?

Updated: May 14, 2020

I am writing this as it is day 60 for me of self-quarantine. These past two months have actually been the most productive two months I have had in a long time. I feel this is a time for all of us to step back and slow down (especially New Yorkers). It is giving us that time to sit with ourselves and let our minds focus on creativity and mindfulness. I have taken this time to create this website, an IGTV channel, design t-shirts, design jewelry, and complete my yoga teacher training. These are all things I would have never done before, as I never had the time for all of this. With all my new projects I keep very busy, but I find myself being reminded daily of things that I really do miss.

I can’t even tell you how many times I say “I MISS THAT”. I find myself missing just interaction with people, going for a nice dinner, going to a friend’s birthday, family, laying out at the pool, going on vacation. Then I realized how truly blessed I am. I’m over here missing time with my friends when people are risking their lives and people are dying (Like, shut up Amanda). That realization put things into perspective for me, we all have those moments of “I MISS THAT” and I want to say its ok. It’s what we do with those feelings. Let’s not dwell on the “I MISS THAT” let’s open up our minds and hearts. Take all those things we miss and turn them into positives. You miss your boyfriend/girlfriend; send them a nice card to express your love. You miss your family; get your favorite outfit on and FaceTime with them. You miss the pool/beach; fill up your bathtub and make a tequila sunrise. You miss someone that has passed; have a chat with them (I talk to my loved ones all the time). Turn your "missing" into positives, and take those positives and share them with someone that is having a hard time. Take the “I MISS THAT” and turn it into a feeling of compassion towards someone else. That’s where we make the difference. Is this me coming at everyone saying, OMG you are missing wine night you are a terrible person, NO! (I miss wine night). What I am saying is, take that feeling and be creative with it. Take the feeling of missing that and text a friend/loved one and plan a virtual wine night. Bring kindness into it, bring compassion into it, and bring it to your present. Most importantly, have fun with it!

We are humans; we will always miss people/things, it’s what we do with that feeling that keeps us moving forward. What we have to realize is staying out of the past and living in the present takes practice. That is why I am encouraging you to take the missing feelings and turn it into a present day positives. Staying present is where you always want to be, as you then will have the ability to succeed down the path you are meant to be on.



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Amanda McAdams
Amanda McAdams
May 14, 2020

Thank you both for the lovely comments, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blogs. This is a way for me to connect with others and hopefully make them feel better as we are all going through so much especially now. MUCH LOVE, XOXO


Love reading your posts! I'm grateful I have things "I Miss"!

As I have some friends that have succumbed to the virus. Just makes me feel very Grateful and Blessed, being alone since February 9.

Keep Inspiring Us Amanda!


Unknown member
May 13, 2020

Oh my gosh! Such an awesome read! You really inspired me to think about how I am spending my time and what I have accomplished. I have started two projects...and finished neither! Sorry you are missing your partner but it won’t be long until you will be together again. In the meantime, Keep writing and inspiring! 💗💗💗

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